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A story of freshness


Lux Lavender

Throughout history the Lavender plant has been known to possess healing and therapeutic properties, in addition to its wonderful aroma. Today, with advances in technology and research, Lavender has been scientifically documented to contain properties which have been shown to improve anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, skin irritation, blood pressure, and even alopecia (hair loss).

Lux Lavender began from the dream of two former medical professionals, Sam and Amanda, who saw a need for natural and gentle remedies. After discovering the amazing benefits of Lavender and the surprising shortage of authentic natural Lavender around the globe, they set out to provide the highest quality products available.

Now, just 3 years later, our family owned and operated Lavender farm is on track to become the largest producer of 100% pure Lavender products in the United States, with aspirations of becoming the largest Lavender farm on Earth!

Our products contain only the highest quality dried Lavender and Lavender oil which has been steam distilled from our hand-harvested Lavender. These amazing products contain none of the potentially harmful additives which are commonly found in “commercial grade” Lavender essential oils and products.


At Lux Lavender we take pride that our products are pure, undiluted, completely safe and gentle, and contain only all-natural ingredients.

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